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Hi, I'm Caroline, the Founder of Bliss Remedies, a conscious lifestyle brand offering yoga classes, health and wellness tips and an online wellbeing shop. In our online shop you will find a range of high quality products that are handpicked from trusted brands that are in line with our ethos of being vegan, natural, eco friendly and sustainable. At Bliss Remedies, we are passionate about helping you to feel calm, balanced and blissful as well as being kind to all beings and protecting our planet.

"Lokah Samastah Sukino Bavantu"

A mantra, meaning: May all beings everywhere be happy and free and my thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to the happiness and to the freedom for all.

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Purpose & passion

My personal journey and passion for yoga, breathwork, meditation and mindfulness, has helped me to feel calm, balanced and strong throughout my daily life. My mission is to help people feel the very best version of themselves, as well as making positive changes in the world. A cruelty free lifestyle is important to me and my purpose is to spread the message of kindness for all beings. I’m looking forward to welcoming you and helping you to feel blissful.

"Caroline is such a warm and inclusive teacher, with kindness and compassion at the heart of all her classes. She makes you feel so welcome regardless of experience and encourages to listen to your own body as you practice. I definitely recommend trying her classes."