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Growing through challenges, like a lotus through mud

Bliss Remedies came to fruition in 2020 after being made redundant from my managerial role in the beauty and skincare industry. I knew that I wanted to teach yoga, and with my many years of retail experience and my passion for vegan, eco friendly and sustainable products, the idea came about to start my own shop. My mission is to help people feel the very best version of themselves as well as making positive changes in the world.

I have hand picked lots of wonderful, ethical brands that share my values of being vegan, cruelty free, natural and eco friendly; brands with integrity that are passionate about making a positive change for us, for the animals, and for Mother Earth. All of the products stocked by Bliss Remedies online and in our physical shop have been carefully chosen with your wellbeing in mind.

Caroline x

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Crossed Arms


Foggy Forest


Enjoying Outdoor


Taking care of your three homes.

Lotus flowers are a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings - they have to grow through the

mud in order to flower and bloom. The seven petals in our logo represent the seven chakras.


Gold is a powerful healing colour: uplifting, energetic and inspirational, and white is seen as light and joyful. This beautiful, healing energy is the heart of Bliss Remedies.


Bliss Remedies

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